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Meet the LTD Family

Donald Lassaw

President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As an attorney and risk manager for over 30 years, Don has worked extensively in every aspect of the workers compensation industry. Having worked with municipalities, insurance companies, third party administrators, self-insured companies, case managers and adjustors, Don witnessed first hand the difficulties and frustrations companies encountered getting injured workers the support they needed to get back to work. Having seen for himself the need for better quality, consistency, and responsiveness, he started LTD America in 2004 to meet that need.

Don takes great pride in LTD America’s fast and efficient services. He is proud that the company “can turn on a dime to meet your every need.” Don understands how important each assignment is. He knows missed appointments delay the recovery process – and delays cost money. That is why LTD America is committed to servicing assignments with a live representative who is able to answer your questions and meet your needs instantly.

Don personally invites you to experience the LTD America difference.


Image of Julie Kyriakopoulos

Julie Kyriakopoulos

Vice-President of Business Development as well as oversees our Compliance and Quality assurance program

Julie is the Vice- President of Business Development at LTD America, and also oversees the company’s Compliance and Quality assurance program. Julie was an educator for several years before joining the healthcare industry over 10 years ago. Julie is an integral part of the LTD family, coordinating homecare services, and making sure all aspects of customer service LTD America Total Care are the best in the industry.

Julie believes that LTD America is so successful because of its commitment to being proactive. LTD stays ahead of potential problems every step of the way – and is able to respond instantly to any issues that do arise. It is this responsiveness and commitment to customer service that enables LTD America to accept and complete rush cases at no additional charge.

Don and Julie and everyone at LTD America treat each and every assignment as if it were its only one — seeing each case through to its successful conclusion. LTD takes the worry of ancillary services off your shoulders.